Lodged on the first floor of the Grand Sopot hotel, the restaurant features panoramic views towards the ocean, the beach, and the grand wooden dock that glides above the tranquil waves the swans swim. It is one of the most romantic restaurants in Poland, in large part to its original Art Deco design, beautiful flower arrangements, and admirable service.

Sopot was an aristocratic beach before World War II, and the Grand Sopot was the meeting point of famous and important people, actors, politicians, and artists. Once again, the restaurant has become a centre of attraction, and chef Leszek Patoka presents an original menu dotted with Polish and international specialities made with the finest products of the region, and also with the most excellent seafood from the Baltic Sea.



The traditional plates are a true work of art. We began with the famous Barszcz, a beetroot soup only with a dish composed of various smoked fish: salmon, trout and herring accompanied by sour cream, slices of pickles and capper. The main course was a selection between roasted duck served with red fruits and cauliflower, a regional delicacy, the Gulasz (beef prepared inside a vegetable stew), or the Pulpety (meatballs serves with apple sauce and Pierogi (stuffed ravioli). The garden herbs such as laurel and common dill perfume the delicate flavour of the fish. The international cuisine invites one to enjoy the foie gras, the Pomerania beef or pork, and the fruit-infused lamb. In each of his creations, Patoka proves himself to be a true culinary artist of Northern Europe.

After enjoying a romantic evening in front of the Baltic Sea, savouring the scent of the sea and the Pomerania countryside, it is tradition to taste the exquisite liquors at the bar, inside the cigar room or in the library which features a distinctive British touch, with its games and book. The Sofitel Grand Sopot is a place of enchantment where one can enjoy the best Pomerania cuisine inside one the finest restaurants in Poland.






El Sofitel Grand Sopot, 

Powstancow Warszawy 12/14, Pomorskie 81-718 Sopot, Polonia,

T. (+48)58 5206000, 

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo:Patrick Monney