Together, Martell and the luxury french malle­tier Pinel & Pinel, have created a solution for those who love the finest bottles but some­times just cannot transport them with the class and refinement they deserve. This solution is embodied in the Martell Trunk.

Possessor of a refined elegance, the Martell Trunk is a piece of 2.06 meters high, 2.20 wide and 0.70 deep, making it the largest suitcase ever pro­duced. Made from materials such as whole-grain leather, silver, copper, oak, glass and linen, every detail was meticulously taken into account by Pi­nel & Pinel so the cognac might be the center of at­tention. But the impressive appearance of Martell Trunk is just the surface.



Inside the trunk you can find a large and ex­quisite collection of the finest Martell products like Cordon Bleu, XO, Noblige, Création Grand Ex­tra and L’Or by Jean Martell. It also includes four exclusive and unique blends by Martell with 7 bottles of each, adding up to 28, in which the sub­tleties and identity in the distinct flavor of Mar­tell are exacerbated.

However, the purpose of the Martell Trunk is not only being a simple bottle’s trunk, but also contains fine accessories that complete the tast­ing experience that only a good Martell liquor can give. Among these accessories are fine metal plates, steel utensils, and Alexandre Turpault and Coucke’s napkins, a cocktail glass and one created by Schott, as well as a Sèvres tulip style glass and a balloon snifter.


A good cognac tasting would be incomplete without the accompaniment of a good cigar, so the Martell Trunk also includes a humidifier, a cutter, lighter, matches, and a crystal and mahogany ash­tray. For completeness, it also has “Roi Soleil” can­dles by Trudon, whose scent was created to refer to the Palace of Versailles, as well as an elegant spray with the same scent.






Text: AMURA ± Photo:Martell