King George V Limited Edition

In the manner that backgammon, classical strategic board-game, enjoys newfound interest amongst the gentlemen of today in the in the most stylish places of the world, the renowned whiskey house Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and the emporium of luxury articles William & Son of the Mayfair zone, announce this day the release of a Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V backgammon set designed for the competitive characters and demanding palates of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label man.

This limited edition backgammon set is an unparalleled addition to the board-game compendium of any consummate host. The blue leather case, especially designed to harbour one 750 ml King George V bottle of Scottish whiskey blended by Johnnie Walker Blue Label, is presented with two contemporary-cut crystal glasses handmade by the English designer William Yeoward, as well as featuring a refined handkerchief embodied by Hand and Lock, a brand that boast the title of Royal Warrant: Royal Permission granted by the British Royal Family.



It is precisely this fine artesian level and degree for attention to detail that make it all evident. The handmade set discreetly boasts the monogram of Walker & Sons and is presented with a gold enamel tag featuring the famous emblem of Johnnie Walker, the walking figure. Each one of the tags in engraved with a number from 1 to 250 to patent its exclusivity. 

The master blender at Johnnie Walker, Jim Beverridge, points out that the Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V edition has been created from some of the most unique whiskeys of our great reserve, many of them arriving from distilleries closed years ago, including the much appreciated Scottish malt whiskey from Port Ellen Islay. The result is a perfect equilibrium of smoked sensation and the potency of the western-coast whiskeys featuring fruit tones and aromas of the Speyside whiskeys.”

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V backgammon set by William & Son is priced at $6,524.00USD.

Text: AMURA ± Photo: Johnnie Walker