The Nobu restaurant has captivated its clients for over sixteen years, which has consolidated its prestige as one of the most exquisite places to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Nobu has no borders: it is present in 14 countries and five continents. 

In some of the most important cities in the world are found at least one of the 24 restaurants belonging to Nobu International. New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Aspen, Honolulu, London, Athens, Melbourne, Tokio, Hong Kong, Dubai, Cape Town, and Mexico City are only a few destinations chosen by Nobu to introduce one of its restaurants. It must also be especially noted: the Nobu London Metropolitan and the Nobu Las Vegas received one Michelin star. Furthermore, the Las Vegas establishment has been certified as a Four Diamond by the American Automobile Association (AAA).



The fundamental element in the history of Nobu is the talent of its creator, the chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who has, since 1987, taken his successful restaurant enterprises, such as global expansion, started in 1994 when he establishes the first Nobu restaurant, in New York, in partnership with the actor Robert De Niro, who was one of the assiduous diners of Nobu in Beverly Hills.

Delicacy and harmony are principal characteristic inside the gastronomic offer of Nobu, which is considered as a representative of New Japanese Cuisine, in which the ancestral and the contemporary coexist in perfect equilibrium. Creations such as the Nobu-style marinated fish, tiradito (Peruan style sashimi), hamachi with jalapeño, as well as a wide variety of salads, sushi, tempuras, lobster based dishes, crab, meat or chicken form one of the best menus in the world.

Mexico City could not, of course, stay behind: in 2009, Nobu Mexico opened its doors to the public. Located inside the modern residential complex of Arcos Bosques, and featuring a design by the architecture firm Rockwell, in New York, the Nobu restaurant in the Mexican capital has begun to position itself as one of the most prestigious world-class restaurants in Latin America. Recently, Nobu Matsuhisa took a tour of the establishment to present his new creations and to make them available to a Mexican public fond of grand cuisine.








Arcos Bosques

Paseo de Tamarindos No. 90,

Bosques de Las Lomas, México, D.F.

 T: (52) 9135 0060

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Text: AMURA ± Photo: Nobu.