Dith young and cheerful spirit, Belcanto is a restaurant that intends to reinvent itself every day with new techniques, where invariably the flavors are the priority. Thanks to the discipline, perseverance and quality, the Belcanto restaurant has achieved a Michelin Star, since “on trying to reach perfection, we have achieved excellence”. A kitchen that uses elements of nature such as tree leaves to decorate the dishes in an original way. Jose Avillez, the enthusiastic chef that was joined in to the reopening of the space in 2012, equally involves emotions and feelings on his savoir-faire, “the kitchen is our ‘fado’, our way of expression”








Largo de São Carlos 10, 1200-410,

Lisboa, Portugal

Tel. 351 213 420 607


Text: Ruth González Balvanera ± Photo: HOTELS IN HEAVEN / BP / PANORAMIO / HOTEL Fortaleza do Guincho/ São Gabriel / gabriel vedipe / WIXTATIC / vejasp.abril.com.br / theaddressmagazine / progressivepulse / WPS