The restaurant and mezcalería Los Amantes hosted the official presentation of this counterpart mezcal from Oaxaca, as well as its new campaign. With a 100 % craft elaboration, it is inspired by the Aztec goddess Mayahuel, deity of the maguey plant. We are talking about a mezcal that combines the best features of the spirit drink for the Premium sector.

Ignacio Carballido, founding partner, and Carlos Ortiz, Los Amantes group director, were the hosts of the evening where guests tasted Mexican canapes from the restaurant, as well as the different variations of mezcal (young, rested and aged), in prepared cocktails by Ferran Bell, the brand´s official mixologist that has been widely awarded.

The brand has been a success in New York city, and now is conquering Mexico, their origin country. During the presentation, the mezcal master Ignacio Carballido and the bottle designer Guillermo Olguin, issued their satisfaction through short speeches.