Casa Vecina was inaugurated during October of 2005 thanks to the initiative of the Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México A.C. it is found in one of the most impor- tant zones of the Historical Center, next to the pedestrian street Regina.

The initial objective of the project was to esta- blish a solid link between the revitalization initiati- ves of the Historical Center and the diverse cultural manifestations of the central area of our city.



For the past four years, Casa Vecina has been constituted as a creative experimentation space open for the promotion and enjoyment of Art, the reflection, critical opinions and knowledge produ- ced from several facets of actual culture.

The efforts have been concentrated in reaching different work creative expressions as connec- tions between the Casa, the inhabitants and the visitors of the Historical Center.

Casa Vecina understands itself as a bridge bet- ween the proposals of young creators, the art scene and the present culture, therefore, produces, diffuses, postures and links to a diverse public.

The team of Casa Vecina has developed different work approaches: Art production, exhibits and diffu- sion; reflection, study and documentation of artistic and cultural events; an editorial project and the com- municative, educational and creative interchange with the inhabitants of the zone -the neighbors- and the public in general. Public Art, Installations, Video, Photography, Engravings, Art-object, Art-action, Sound experimentation and Movies.

The curator’s area of Casa Vecina promotes artistic manifestations made by young creators and motivates more experimented artist to question their own artwork.



It establishes contact and creations very close with emergent art, co-producing, interceding, exhibiting and diffusing the artworks made for the physical space of the Casa or the projects that relate in different ways to the context of the Historical Center.

The main objective that Casa Vecina pursues is to understand the process of the creation of the work and have a record of them. Enrich the public glance while offering the knowledge of the development and processes that go with the creation of a contemporary piece of art.

This dynamic space is an ideas and proposals holder that allows a dialogue between young crea- tors and experimented artists.

Casa Vecina operates a projects office produced inside and out of itself. Exhibition rooms, interventions in the Casa, out-walls expositions and public places, collaboration with other Art Places and Cultural Centers. An example of this dynamism is the Jerónimo Hagerman Intervention in the public place called “Aquí y Ahora. Jardín Radial”, which is part of a bigger project of Casa Vecina called “Lugar Cero”.



Another goal that Casa Vecina aims for is to offer facilities to scholars and artists that do not live in Mexico City, creating programs of artistic residences. The point of this project is to create a net of international artistic exchanges in order to offer the possibility for foreign artists to live and work in the context of Casa Vecina, with the purpo- se of opening new approaches of our city and it’s Historical Center, from an outside point of view to it’s immediate context.

Another of the Casa Vecina objective is to esta- blish connections between different communities that form the artistic-cultural context of Mexico City and our country in general.

To promote the Contemporary Culture, apart from concrete actions, implies also the constant reflection and analysis that is produced around several social phenomenon's. That is why Casa Vecina opens it’s doors to academics, critics and researchers in order to dialogue with them and start projects witch fundamental purpose is to generate knowledge.

For this reason, a scholarship is offered year after year for the development of an investigation project that contributes to the formation of new horizons on the urban context in which we live in.

We invite you to leam about this project of the Fundación del Centro Histórico visiting it’s websi- or attend the programmed events: Sound experimentation concerts, expositions, project exhibitions or showrooms, summer work- shops with artists, multiple sales and parallel activi- ties. To rediscover our Historical Center and to leam more of the artistic and cultural proposals that have been produced during the last ten years is worth it. 



Text: Amura ± Photo: Cortesía Casa Vecina y Sashenka Gutiérrez