To be petrified before a painting could only be another metaphor, which through rhetoric, could pretend to give a clear explanation to the bunch of emotions that are experimented while observing a painting; nevertheless, in the case of Ricardo Amezcua Cuspinera’s work, this phenomenon could be an inherent risk while contemplating it.

And it’s not just the traces on its paintings that reveal the technical perfection emanated from his natural talent, but at the same time the mixture of fantastic elements that will take the spectator into a trance.

Such is the case of “Meduso” , a work of art in which the glance of the character, transports the spectator into the epic tale where Perseus would have to fight this mythological creature, capable of turning into stone anyone who dared looking at her in the eyes.

Amezcua Cuspinera said in a interview for Amura Yachts & Lifestyle, that in a good measure he has adopted the likes of realism painting techniques, thanks to the admiration he has for Rembrandt, with Dutch origins, who also was the most important representative of this art in his nation in the 17th century, and that’s where his strongest influence comes from.

As a part of this artistc heritage and history that Rembrandt transmitted, Ricardo Amezcua Cuspinera has somehow specialized in painting more than just the figures of people, the window to the soul, the glance.



“Eyes tell me a lot, I think that’s the part I admire the most a human person”. “This part is definitely very important to me, giving life to my work, being able to put something physical and transform it into a second and third dimension. This process is something that has marveled me about painting”. And it is because of this that he has made several sophisticated works of art beginning with the complete human body and half torsos, all the way to painting faces and glances that have created an impact on people. “Today I’m in a stage where I am trying to express this soul through the eyes”.

“All this personal discoveries, I did them when I discovered that I was more connected with the spiritual part, the soul part, than the earth part. In that moment I started experimenting an internal feeling and a revolution at the time I was painting a glance or a face with a special expression, in that moment I felt something in my body, like the feelings you have when you are in love”, said Amezcua Cuspinera.

“When I started having this feeling and moved away from a painting that I was making and saw the result, even I couldn’t tell how I did it, it was like magic”. And watching his work is enough to prove it, the glances in his work, always very expressive, always alive, transmitting feelings or sensations, a risk that not only puts us closer to the image of each character but also tells us what was going on in their guts.






“Usually I like to paint what I see and what I feel, but making it look real”, that’s why I put so much effort in every stroke of my brush, he said.

It’s important to mention that on a constant search, of no compliance and importance he also has done paintings that combine realism with elements printing some sort of abstract look in the final product, just like “Africanos” a piece in where faces from black men and women, are intertwined with texts that can’t really transmit a clear message because of it’s order or sequence, even though they add a different character to the artwork that goes from the spiritual to the mysticism.  




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Text: Michael Negrete Cruz ± Photo: Cortesía de Ricardo Amezcua Cuspinera.