But life went on... and what did we learn? Are we the same? Has everything changed? But it can be better.

Amura, which has sailed and traveled to many destinations, ports, and cultures, today decides to create an issue worth keeping for future generations, but above all,that inspires us to raise awareness of our environmental heritage as a setting for a new bucketlist. We make a Tribute to Life, starting with a focus on the planet in all its splendor, and more notably, its magnificence, beauty and importance.



We will discuss not only about nature and its thousands of species, but also the humanity; about man, his origin, and how millions of years have passed before arriving at the present moment. We will travel along a time line until we

reach the present time; start a bucket list... What’s next? Where are we going? There is still much to experience and we wish to communicate said enthusiasm for life. The joy to live, regain inspiration and provoke new dreams for those who want and fortunately can.

In a world full of bad news, fears and uncertainties, Amura pays Tribute to Life, the Earth, its inhabitants and the human being, recalling disruptive events that have shaped entire civilizations. We will adress the vision of true heritage that we have inherited, in three ways:

         1.Life: with all its assets that have collided into the creation of all living beings that have existed and exist today. These are simultaneously the only manifestations that we know within this vast universe we inhabit.


          2.The human being: and more specifically its adaptability and capability of transforming himself within his environment, with all of his successes and contradictions, emphasizing the turning points that have shaped entire civilizations.


          3.Destinations: with a focus on experiences, key geographic locations which have sculpted the Earth’s heritage in both a natural and historical sense. They are an essential part of the quality of life of those invested in enriching mankind’s natural, cultural and spiritual profile, consisting of an existing chain of events, with their mere existence. The previous through experiences, moments, routes, and instants, planned ahead with images and lista that need only a date.




We will be guides by stars and invest our most valuable asset: the little or much time we have left... Anchors away as you join us on this adventure to the New World; be part of this story that is worth living...

Amura bucket list will be sponsored by Roger Dubuis with invitations to experiences for VIP clients.

The Value of Time by Jaime Cohen: collector, connoisseur, and founder of Horloger.

The depth of The Sea: a collaboration with Alberto Friscione, one of the greatest figures in diving and conservation, and a tireles fighter for the protection of the sea.

The Road Trip by Daniel Marchand: experience collector and owner of MM Classics. The shipyards Cantiere delle Marche and Rossinavi, take us to their extraordinary boats journeys. Gastronomy, hospitality... the good life.

An invitation only for warriors with a soul who want to make this a better world. Let's celebrate life and... what better way to do so than being an inspiration to live.


Welcome aboard!



Text: Gisselle Morán ± Photo: Bruce Rolff-Shutterstock / Smitshpn, Daily Mail, Frvt. Travesías / Super Curioso, 2 ounces, Sofía Originales