Famous for its variety, the coast of Western Australia, with more than 12 thousand kilometers, makes it one of the best surfing destinations, with a multitude of reefs, beaches and point breaks.

The best time to surf is between December and April, although it can be said that there are waves all year round, with a smaller size, consistency and frequency.

Margaret River is the undisputed capital of surfing, hosting the “World Surf League” year after year for its outstanding world-class waves. Boodjidup Beach is home to the best surfers on the planet and draws many regular riders like “North Point,” “The Box” or “Main Break,” as well as a constant stream of thrill seekers at “Cow Bombie.”

“Surfing Australian” is held in “Coffs Harbor,” March of every year- This time, the 2020 awards and based to the advice from the Government; “Australian Surfing Awards” was present in a new television show format, celebrating amazing achievements of the nominees and winners. Big names feature as top three finalists in both Male and Female Surfer of the Year categories. Male surfer of the year nomination: Jack Robinson, Owen Wright and Julian Wilson. While among the female surfers of the year are: Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Isabella Nichols.

In addition to being Australia a place of world recognition for sports competitions, it also has the best enclaves for surfing: Gold Coast in Queenland, on the north shore of New South Wales, in southwest Melbourne, Geelong in Victoria and in Western Australia.

Denmark is the perfect beach to learn to surf with long, tubular waves. It also has a local surf school that can help you perfect your technique.

Esperance is one of surfing’s best kept secrets. Here the ocean merges with hundreds of islands and reefs that break on the horizon. “Cyclops” is rated one of the most incredible and least surfed spots in the world.

Geraldton’s pristine and little-known waters are ideal for both beginners and experts. “Mahomet’s Back Beach” offers great waves in the summer while “Sunset Beach” is perfect in the winter.



“Burleigh Heads” is known internationally for its mixed stone and sand bottom. It ensures waves of up to 15 feet or more, which is partly why there are always so many people.

At Currumbin, the wave is long, perfect, excellent for short or long board. It has waves of reasonable size, and depending on the sea and the strength of the current of the river, it pipes in the first meters, where the fall is carried out literally behind a stone barrier.

Australian and foreign professionals consider Kirra the site with the best right-hand waves in the world, it’s long, extremely tubular and fast; it breaks over coral reefs and depending on the size of the peak, it reaches 400 m from the beach.

“Lancelin Bay” offers big waves: the “Back Beach” is suitable for skill surfers, while more experienced riders can find bigger breaks in secluded areas of the coast just outside the city.

In Queensland is the “Surf World Gold Coast Museum” which includes an extensive collection of surfboards from the early 1930’s to the present day; works of art, films, photographs and interesting pieces around this activity. 


Text: Josemi Díaz ± Photo: red bull / wallhere / reddit