On a private peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in the midst of a tropical jungle of 48 acres, 15 luxurious tents were strategically designed with all the requirements for the most demanding tourists of the world.

From the moment you arrive at Capullo Landing via a wooden footbridge, you are not just another number, but are always called by name and become part of the "Naviva family".

Naviva is one of the best places in the world to reconnect with yourself, meanwhile disconnecting with trivial life. If you want to indulge yourself or a companion this is the ideal place.

This is an experience that will surprise you in every sense. Where the creators of the concept have paid close attention to every single detail pertaining to each scent, view, taste and above all human treatment, where “no” does not exist for the “Naviva family”. They will always figure out how to satisfy the whims of the sybarites.

During your stay, you can enjoy authentic culinary experiences based on Mexican heritage in the Copal Kitchen, as well as treatments in the spa or the temazcal which were specifically designed for Naviva, and a variety of ways to rejuvenate and recharge inspired by the local beauty.


Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts,Tasmania,Naviva a Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Naviva, a Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, is a place to relax in the company of friends. Naviva, a Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, is a place to relax in the company of friends.


Glamping in Punta Mita

A breathtaking paradise surrounding cabins with a design such as that of the best glampings in the world. This is due to its architectural style that connects people with the environment by incorporating natural elements to the construction, thus creating a sensation of plenitude. The form of the tents and the design of their interiors, plus the experiences, create the concept of a resort derived integrally from nature. The result is a journey for the senses evoked by the principles of glamping.

Located atop a cliff, some with ocean view, offering an outdoor routine with a bedroom and a living room that lead to a wide terrace. Besides they include a private pool immersed in the jungle.

The resort's interior design reflects a sense of belonging and pays homage to nature. The interior design team collaborated with Mexican designers, artists and artisans throughout the design and construction process, creating a connection to the local culture.

Dining revolves around Copal, the wood-burning kitchen that has become the central gathering space; built into a palapa, guests may delight with a curated menu by the chef Sofia Mojica. This menu offers poultry, meat, lobster and various fresh seafood.

You are welcome to participate in the private cooking lessons as well as in a secret picnic by the beach or even ordering room service along with the privacy of your tent. One of the musts that you can’t miss out on and should be experienced at least once in your lifetime is a private dinner on the shore. This is to be enjoyed with a romantic candle lit environment accompanied with your favorite wine, since the resort owns an international selection to create the perfect pairing with your dinner. Just imagine this setting with the natural background music produced by the waves and the moonlight surrounded by a starry sky.



Nurturing the mind, the body and the soul

At Naviva, nature anchors physical activities, spa treatments in an extremely relaxing environment listening to the singing of birds. It offers a personal space prior, during and after to reconnect with yourself. The resort's unique connections to the world invite guests to rediscover, recharge and renew.

Participants embark on tours to observe the natural beauty of the region, for example, hikes with a local guide who will offer information concerning cultural patrimony, history and traditions of the zone resulting in a holistic experience.

As a part of this integral wellness, you may also workout on the cliff that is known as the Risco terrace that counts with an outdoor gym. We guarantee that the magical view will always inspire you to go for that extra set and thus give maintenance to the most important vehicle of your collection: your own body.

For self-restoration, nothing beats restorative yoga sessions, which include a series of simple and gentle postures focused on the breath, where guests can embrace stillness and release inner tension for a renewed sense of calm. Another option is the Breathing Intention and Vision Journey, a transformative practice that allows participants to manifest their desires and become the alchemist of their lives. When combining intention with visualization while benefiting from the power of deep breathing, we remember and reinstate our purposes. As a result a renewed and re-energized sense of self emerges.



It is never too late to start living excellent

The Energetic Healing Circle uses the ancient technique of Reiki to release stagnant energy (physical, mental, emotional or astral), resulting in a renewed sense of vitality. The Revealing Ritual is a rejuvenating spa experience for those seeking clarity; the ritual includes a Copal Cleansing Ritual, Cristalmind Shirodhara Clarification and a massage.

The spa includes Body Treatments such as Nature Massage, Clarity Massage, Rehydrating Massage and Ice Bath X Breath. Nature-based facials complement the menu with options ranging from the Forest Facial, to the Gemstone Facial and the Marine Collagen Facial.

The Nature Body Scrub is an experience in itself, where guests create a customized body scrub using natural ingredients, choosing from a variety of clay and powdered fruit scrubs to activate and meet the specific needs of the skin. You will be provided with a variety of ingredients including black clay from the Paricutin volcano, green clay from Puebla and red clay from Guerrero; fruit activators contain tamarind, mango and cranberry pulp. Each of these contribute different qualities to be paired with a final revitalizing banana leaf wrap.

Sunset is a holistic experience at Sunset Sound Journey, where music and spirituality combine to bring participants closer to the heart of nature.

Another experience at Naviva is the Full Moon Temazcal, which will take place on October 28, November 27, and December 26, 2023, with temazcal ceremonies throughout the night, where guests can have a deep spiritual connection with the moon, the tides, and their emotions. Guided by a healer specialized in the House of Heat, participants will have the chance to establish their goals for the upcoming lunar cycle while they let go of the past year and simultaneously accept the promise of a new beginning in 2024. The House of Heat includes a meeting place before and after the ritual, a ceremony and an outdoor shower place.

The New Year's Eve Jungle Takeover evokes the warmth of being at a close friend's home instead of a traditional resort; guests are invited to settle in and make the peninsula their own. New Year's Eve Jungle Takeover offers the experience of renting the entire resort, full private access of the exuberating jungle is to be enjoyed along with Naviva’s exclusive coast to receive the New Year with family, friends and loved ones.

This is an unforgettable journey to celebrate life and reconnect with the beauty and greatness that lies within your inner voice. Select cautiously those you will share this priceless moment with.





Naviva, a Four Seasons Resort,

Punta Mita

Punta Mita, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit 63734, México



Text: Gisselle Morán ± Photo: Four Seasons