Experiences that awaken the senses

Being a Santander Unique Rewards cardholder means enjoying priceless moments, living incredible stories that will stay with you forever, attending unmissable events where every detail stimulates the senses, feeling truly appreciated, admiring extraordinary landscapes and living unforgettable experiences where luxury and exclusivity are present.

It is a loyalty program that goes beyond the accumulation of points; it is access to a world of unique opportunities that Santander Premium Cardholders can enter simply by having a World Elite, Platinum, Infinite or Legacy Card.

Unique Rewards knows what its cardholders like, their tastes, their interests and what attracts them, which is why it offers a range of soul-stirring experiences through its different categories.

Unique Travel: Traveling is one of the most enriching activities, and with Unique Rewards it is possible to add special moments in unique places. Visit national and international destinations whose beauty is a feast for the eyes or revisit places where magic surrounds every moment and every step. With Unique Points you can book flights, accommodations and even cars to discover every corner of the city.

You can also enjoy planned trips that promise to add stories worth telling.

Unique Dining: Food is always a treat for the mind, and Unique Rewards knows it. By simply redeeming Unique Points, cardholders can enjoy exclusive dinners and gourmet experiences prepared by national and international Michelin-starred chefs who will spend the evening with them.

There is nothing better than enjoying delicious dishes prepared by renowned chefs, where the charm of the evening is felt from beginning to end.



Unique Events: The excitement of seeing great artists perform, being up close and personal with them, singing their songs, enjoying food and drinks, and having a spectacular night out is another benefit of being a part of Unique Rewards. The night will be enjoyed in an intimate and private concert for 400 people, an experience like no other.

Tickets are also available in VIP areas where the excitement of the concert is palpable and every chord is felt on the skin.

Unique lifestyle: It is always good to take a break from the daily grind and pamper yourself, which is why the spa sessions you can access with Unique Points are a must. You can also redeem points at popular department stores; choose the outfit that will dazzle everyone, accessories that will enhance the style of your home, technology items that will make everyday life easier, and gift certificates.

There are even pet experiences that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by the pampered ones at home.

Unique Donations: One of the most rewarding experiences in life is helping someone in need. With Unique Rewards, you can donate points to various associations and NGOs that support worthy causes such as APAC (Association for People with Cerebral Palsy), Include Me, or Casa De La Amistad. Supporting these organizations that help people with disabilities or special needs is very gratifying because it has a positive impact on entire families.

To access this world of possibilities, all you have to do is log in to SuperMóvil, select the My Benefits section, click on Unique Points, select the category that interests you and presto, a whole range of exclusive experiences unfolds in the palm of your hand.

Santander Unique Rewards are priceless moments, delicious tastes, mysterious destinations, unique events and experiences designed to be enjoyed as they deserve to be.


Text: Santander ± Photo: UTC