Even though it is redundant to talk about Lürssen as a symbol of quality and
tradition, aside from being a 130 years old experienced shipyard, “Martha Ann” is a beautiful example of the brand’s capabilities and virtues.

Four decks and a viewpoint make this incredible giant a ship where pleasure surrounds us discretely. All of the details were made for the visual and sensorial delight.



It is on this viewpoint where the sunbeds invite us to relax and enjoy the sun. For a fresh moment, the Wetbar can be reached through the stairs, which has a small pool with a fountain on the center, either to enjoy a cocktail inside it our outside thanks to the stools surrounding the bar. The roof in this place allows the light to come in but also offers protection from the sun.
Towards aft eight sunbeds can be found, plus four on each side, and at the end of the deck an “L” shaped couch with a center table in each section. On this same level we find a gym, with top of the line machines as well as a centered bar on port, where the elevator and staircase around it are also located, to end up in a great observation room –another viewpoint, only this one is covered– with some couches that invite you to relax.

The next deck down is for spreading. The cockpit is located here, which is a breathtaking place with impressive monitors everywhere, as well as controls for everything on the ship and monitoring systems.

Aside from de four couches in the cockpit, there’s two or three more available for other people, a little higher, in order to b able to watch how this ship is handled. On this level towards stern on the port side the captains room is located.



Further behind on the starboard side, a VIP room is located with a matrimonial bed to the side, to take advantage of the large windows, it has a wide closet and a very large bathroom where marble and wood stand out.

There is also a very large living room divided in two sections, one located on starboard side with a 10 people capacity that are distributed in a “C” shaped couch with two squared tables located on the centre, and on the other side a 7 people living room can be found with an “L” shaped couch as well as a love seat and a rectangular table in the middle. There’s also two hidden flatscreens, one is located behind a frame and the other one is inside the furniture dividing these two living rooms.

Towards stern, on the port side a game table is located for up to four people and on starboard, an “L” shaped bar and five stools. Across a portal on the way to stern the formal dining room is located with around table and seating for 10 people.

On the outside, behind the semi-circled sliding doors protected from the weather we find a huge space with a rectangular table for 16 people, a bar on port side with 5 stools and a very y open space with spacious couches, that without a doubt it can easily hold up to 25 people at once.

On the lower deck an open-air living room for 16 people is found on stern, with four tables, one on each corner and it is very comfortable on days with nice weather.


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On to prow, on the covered area, there is a tail piano on port side and a very spacious living room. Following our path, a bar previous to the dining room and a closed area for 12 people. After this we have the main hall, where the staircase and the elevator are located, and at the end, the large main room, with an office and the bedroom after it, with a divan and a closet.

On to the port side, the queen size bed. And all the way to port is the small living room. Very close to the office is the bathroom’s entrance with an enormous closet on the opposite side. The bathroom is another masterpiece made of wood and marble that are united to create a Spa. More than just a bath with a tub in the middle, separate bathrooms for her and a behind the tub on the ports side, a dresser, and on starboard a shower. And finally as we can tell by the taste of the owner, on prow, a beautiful viewpoint with couches inviting us to relax.

Further ahead we have the engine room, which deserves a special attention thanks to its distribution and the cleanness with which it was conceived and planned to always look brand new. Right next to it bt isolated of course are the guest rooms, with two matrimonial beds, followed by a triple with a bunk bed and a single bed, and on stern we find the crew area for 16 people accommodated in 8 rooms.

If we admire the greatness of the “Martha Ann” from the distance we can tell that its blue hull gives it a touch of elegance and gives us an idea of what its beautiful interior might be.


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230’ 3”


41’ 10”


3’593,538 lb

Capacidad de combustible

138,000 l

Capacidad de agua

Fuel Capacity


2 X 2,012 HP @ 1,600 RPM

High Speed

15.5 Knots (28.71 Km/h aprox.)

Cruise Speed

12 Kuots (22.22 Km/h aprox.)


6,000 Millas Náuticas (11,112 km)



Texto: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Klaus Jordan / Lürssen Yachts