Architect Frank Owen Gehry, who is 86 years of age, is responsible for artwork  as representative as the Bilbao's Guggenheim, the IAC building in New York City or the Louis Vuitton Foundation of Paris. He has designed a unique kind of sailboat called  “Foggy”, an acronym of the architect's name.

The Brooklin Boatyard shipyard was involved in the project in order to offer a solution for the construction of this aromatic wood boat with technological elements that make it very strong under any climatic condition.  Besides the wood, this vessel adds over 1,000 crystal elements hold together by carbon fiber.

With a length of 22.5 m, a width of 5.5 m and a depth of 3.8 m, this boat, now property of Richard Cohen, -who is a friend of the architect- has the perfect measures to compete in regattas. We hope to see it in action soon.

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