The traditional seamanship Mexorc 2016, finished last weekend with a great closing. With almost 300 sailors and 15 ships from the United States and Mexico, "The Sailing Paradise" provided a memorable experience with very close results and great passion moments.

With winds up to 25 knots, Puerto Vallarta consolidates its status as one of the best worldwide courses for sailing. Mexican Sailing Federation (FMV), received as a guest to the ex President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, who is also a sailing lover; he was part of one a winning team and he sail aboard th "Gladiator" by the Ing. Giovanni Aloi Timeus, President of the FMV.

The last day of the Class A was the most exciting, with fought positions until the last moment. During the awards ceremony and closing ceremony at the Casa Velas hotel, the participants were very pleased with all the facilities and amenities during the competition and events around it.

Agustin Alvarez Valdivia, director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust Fund, was commissioned to deliver in recognition of the president of the FMV and the organizer of the race Mexorc, Juan de Pablos, the iconic figure of this destiny "El Caballito" (the horse); a symbol that Puerto Vallarta will receive them with arms wide open for future events of this level.

These were the results:

Class 1

1.     Vincitore

2.     Ruahatu

3.     Bandido


Class 2

1.     Timeshaver

2.     Horizon

3.     Gladiator


Class 3

1.     Nueva Luna

2.     Azteca

3.     Olas Lindas