Latona 50 meters, CRN’s new project, is the product of a collaboration between CRN’s Engineering and Interiors & Design departments with Zuccon International Project, and was released in a private ceremony on February 10.

The vessel was inspired in the historic Superconero of the sixties, resulting in a yacht with classic style and a displacement hull in steel and aluminum. The yacht is 50m long, with a beam of 8.60m, five decks and extensive windows that complement the vast interiors. The design allows for constant contact with the sea and improves the navigational experience with a balcony used for cruising and a terrace to admire the sea, a foldable garage and an open-air living area perfectly integrated into the beach club.



“Every launch is a reason for great pride for the shipyard. This complex, magnificent, 50 meters construction, realizes the desire of a selective and resolute Owner, who has turned to the expertise and the ability of CRN to build his personal project, turning his vision into a magnificent vessel.” - Ferretti Group’s CEO Alberto Galassi.