Riva launched the first unit of the new masterpiece Riva 110’ Dolcevita on March 22 in La Spezia, at the shipyard that manufactures its 76 and 110 foot models. The new yacht is visually stunning with its incomparable combination of aesthetics and function, state-of-the-art technology and sea-faring experience. Officina Italiana Design, founded by Mauro Micheli with Sergio Beretta, the Strategic Product Committee chaired by Ing. Piero Ferrari and the Engineering Department of the Ferretti Group were in charge of designing the vessel, with its sporty profile, the chrome inserts and its use of fiberglass.

“For the largest Riva ship we have chosen the name of a time that is still endowed with sparkle and charm. The Dolce Vita as a truly Italian style indication, the happy combination where good construction and the good life come together. Cruising on this amazing 33 metre yacht is an aesthetic and emotional experience akin to the amazement felt by anyone watching the passing of the Rex, the famous cruise ship featured in the film Amarcord, another of Federico Fellini's masterpieces.” - Ferretti Group

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