One of the Wonders of The World

Located in the National Park of Tijuca, this imposing statue is, without a doubt, the most fascinating destination in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, the Redeeming Christ has become the symbol of the city and in one of the most famous statues in the world.

The statue measures 38 meters and it is located at the top of the Corcovado hill, at a height of 693 meters. It was installed in 1931 and designed by two great artists in the art deco style: Carlos Oswald and Paul Landowski.

Besides its indisputable beauty and spiritual symbolism, the Christ of the Corcovado offers an unforgettable view of the city. Once here, it is possible to watch the entire city with its distinctive geographic characteristics: The bay, the islands, the mountains, the beaches and the exuberant woods.



It is also possible to watch the main monuments of the city: The Maracana Stadium, the Niteroi Bay, the Museum of Contemporary, Art designed by Oscar Niemayer -the world’s most famous Brazilian architect-, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the beaches of Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana and the hill Pan de Azúcar, and the list may go on.

At the pedestal of the statue is the chapel of Nuestra Señora de Aparecida, Brazil’s patron saint, which can also be visited. Some religious ceremonies take place there and it is a place of adoration for all the Brazilians.

The ascent by itself is an attraction. Besides the view, you can enjoy the forest of Tijuca, and the panoramic lifts offer several perspectives of the city. Another very exciting way of visiting the statue is on board of a helicopter, from which you can watch the beautiful details of the sculpture.  



Entrance by the Corcovado

Train Station

Rua Cosme Velho 513

Tel: 55 21 2558 1329


Text: Kundalini Muñoz ± Photo: EMBRATUR’s Image Bank