Constantly Reinvents Itself

It can be recognized with different qualifying characteristics of its greatness. The most luxurious hotel in the world, the tallest one, the only one that has no rooms -only suites-, the only one acknowledged with seven stars and a large etcetera. Nevertheless what mentioned before what results paradoxical is that the hotel never has “applied” for any of these recognitions.

Marco Nijhof, Senior Vice-president of Jumeirah Group for the Gulf Region, and responsible for the Operations of the Burj Al Arab, which in Arab language means, Arabic Tower, and that with its 27 floors and a height of 321 meters, is the tallest hotel in the world, located in the sea, on top of an artificial island located 270 meters from the beach, which is connected to solid ground by a road.





“All the recognitions of the Burj have come throughout several specialists, clients and from the press; we have not applied for or realized any request in this regard. Despite of what is mentioned before we pride ourselves to be the most luxurious hotel of the world”, Marco point out in an exclusive interview for Amura.

Burj Al Arab counts with 202 suites; the smallest of them is of 175 m2 and the largest covers an area of 780 m2, with all the amenities and services that a person could request.

According to Nijhof the key to maintain this status, is to constantly reinvent the top quality service level that the hotel counts with. For it they have a staff of 1800 people and from the point of view of the service and personalization of itself we have a total compromise with our clients.




“The key word for us in Burj Al Arab is that we will try to keep ourselves reinventing constantly in the different levels of services” Marco said, as an example of what was mentioned before he tells us about the recent creation of the Asian restaurant Jun Sui, that has turned in the top place to go in Dubai. “In this restaurant an enormous amount of Money was invested in just the decoration with Swarovski crystals in the ceiling and luxury details, for the comfort of our guests”, he stated.

As for the amenities, these are renewed each moment, trying to exceed the guests expectations, for example in each suite the guests have access to a laptop connected to Internet at all times, entertaining systems with programs specially designed for the hotel and details in new levels of service.





Among the amenities, the hotel counts with the Assawan Spa & Health Club located in the floor 18, unlimited access to Wild Wadi Water Park, access to the Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai, to go shopping a Rolls-Royce chauffer shopping experience, scenic tour in a helicopter over Dubai, private beach Majles Al Bahar exclusive for guests Burj Al Arab, Yacht rental and world-class Golf in Montgomery, Emirates Hills, Dubai Greek and Arabian Ranches

“The hotel is product of a concept and a vision of more than 20 years including the time that it has of service and the time that it took to built it. This takes us to maintain a great staff trying that our guests feel comfortable”, Marco added.

Among the recent changes a new flotilla of Rolls Royce has been acquired, replacing the “old ones” that already had some years, and in the same way, our guests may arrive in a helicopter to make their check-in, there is no hotel in the world in which the guests are allowed to arrive in a helicopter, Marco states.

Finally Marco point out that there is a great commitment of the 1800 workers of the Burj Al Arab with the service towards the customers and that the premise will be to continue reinventing this top quality level of services towards them.     






Text: Rafael Luna Grajeda ± Photo: Burj Al Arab.