Old Charm with an Artistic Flavor

In the heart of Old San Juan, where the streets are alive with the bright colors of the ancient houses, there is a secret garden.

When you push the gate, rusted by the sea winds, opposite the north wall, where the waves beat against the rocks, you enter a small patio filled with plants, parakeets and macaws, all singing a different song, where lianas cover the trees and part of the walls and where the humidity creates strange images.

The Gallery Inn is an old 17th century villa, and it has been restored in such a way that it preserves a strange charm in its labyrinth of patios, gardens and rooms.

The owner, Jan D’Esopo, exhibits her art, a piano dominates the setting, the nooks and crannies are an invitation for private conversation and, because there are so few rooms, guests can become submerged in a universe that evokes tales of days gone by.

Several days of the week they organize classical music concerts in an intimate setting, creating picture that appears to have emerged from a fantasy.

The Gallery is a different world within the walls of Old San Juan, an enchanting refuge with an authentic flavor of the past and an original concept of a luxurious inn in a very special setting.    




The Ga­llery Inn, 204
Nor­za­ga­ray Street
Viejo San Juan, Puer­to Ri­co
T (787) 722 18 08



Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney