From baroque to hotel gala.

With a sober façade in creamy white that surrounds ample gardens, it conserves the traditional architecture of a building dating from 1687, when it was the home of Lord Provost, in Edinburg.

Today, it’s design is a fusion of historical architecture, along with art, and a sense of elegance that endures throughout the ages. The vision of James Thomson, a prominent Scottish businessman responsible for this new image, - and who was named by Time Out Magazine as the “restorer of the Edinburgh stars”- managed to create a site of exceptional charm.





It features 23 rooms and suites adorned with antique furniture and ample windows where vegetation creeps in from the gardens that surround it. Between the grass, flowers, and the first rhubarb patch of the United Kingdom, imported from China it’s sight is pretty unique. It’s common to step into the path of a peacock showing off for the guests admiration. Although it maintains a minimal style, it still feels a homey, it holds the right amount of emotions expressed through it’s decorations.

One of i’ts main attractions is the dining area: the Rhubarb restaurant. Its menu offers traditional dishes, such as haggis, spiced meat, scones, pickle sandwiches, and macaroons, without leaving aside the cakes and buns filled with homemade strawberry marmalade. You can also choose exotic teas from a selection that includes traditional herbs from the region. This establishment is draped in brown tapestry, suede, and mahogany; chandeliers, candles, and paintings framed in gold adorned the walls.





Prestonfield House Edimburgo

Priestfield Road, Edimburgo,

Escocia, EH16 5UT

Tel: +44 (0) 131 225 7800


Text: Daniela Esquer ± Photo: LUXURY DREAMS HOTELS / LANDSCAPE / ROOMS ROTOR / stco