The meeting point of history with a modern touch

An ancient gem has been polished. The Zoo Hotel, crown jewel of Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm - from the decade of the 20’s until the 50’s-, shines brightly once more. Interior designer,Dayna Lee, has reinvented Zoo without losing its historic character. With a special attention to detail and the preservation of the building’s original elements, Lee infusions this space with New Yorker and Londoner accents. Built in the year of 1891, this private residence was created for an affluent family; to later be converted into a hotel in the year of 1911. By the decade of 1950, it was the official spot for the International Berlin Cinematography Festival, accommodating several celebrities of the moment.

With high ceilings and custom made furniture, the spacious rooms and suites captivate with their unique charm. The heart of this hotel is it’s living room, with walls of nearly seven meters high and handmade fixtures, XL chestnut doors, industrial expansive windows and a five meter chimney; these elements grant warmth to the atmosphere of this place. The 120 years of age walls unveil exposed bricks which allow the past of this structure to live once more.







Kurfürstendamm 25, 10719 Berlín, Alemania

+49 30 884370


Text: Maria Grajales ± Photo: Hotel am Steinplatz / Hotel Zoo Berlin / mnos / the luxtraveller / Hotel Zoo Berlin / ROCOO FORTE HOTELS / Humboldt / BLACPAPER