Situated in the fashion district of downtown Milan, the Four Seasons is the finest place to lodge and taste the sublime cuisine of chef Sergio Mei, whose motto is, “I like to experiment, yet I believe that there is nothing new anymore. I reinvent and reinterpret traditional recipes. Perfection does not exists, but extraordinary recipes do.”

The hotel occupies the former grounds of a 15th century convent, and has been magnificently restored, featuring refurnished rooms, garden patios, an elegant bar and restaurant, Il Teatro. Decorations were inspired by the former remains of the convent, and blend with the elegant dining tables and centerpieces, and with the harmony of the hotels ambience and excellent service. 

After enjoying one of the most exquisite glasses of champagne accompanied by large portions of lobster with peach, lime, and walnuts; squid stuffed with squash, lime tea, and orange vinaigrette; eggplant rolls stuffed with ratatouille, pistachio sauce, and smoked ricotta, we began to discover a fascinating menu: Potato gnocchi with fresh bean sauce, chicoré and ricotta; chicken broth with Armagnac sauce alongside with white truffles and candied vegetables, Porcini mushrooms, and squash blossom; roasted Turbot with rosemary and wine sauce, served alongside with potatoes, tomatoes, and beans; Beef fillet with foie gras, vegetables, and Morel mushrooms in Port sauce. 



When the desserts were served, a marvelous plate of cheese accompanied with jams and candied fruits was placed on the table; we were then served spices dipped in Armagnac, along with vanilla icecream, raspberries, and currants; Exotic mille-feuille with peach puree, peach crème, and hazelnuts; Venetian tiramisu with exotic fruits.

Finishing this excellent dinner, we strolled around the gardens before sipping on tea and liquor at the bar, to then enter an impeccable room that reminded us of the former convent. Il Teatro and the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan are two enchanting places in this surprising and mesmerizing city.




Four Seasons

Via Gesù, 6/8, 20121 Milan, Italia

Tel. 39 (02) 77088

Fax. 39 (02) 7708 5000


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Patrick Money