• The best shopping in Indonesia are the handicrafts made by local people, ranging from clothing to jewelry. The best place to do that is Jakarta. One of the most prized objects and recommended to buy is the batik, a type of dyed fabrics that are the raw material for clothing, decorations and other fine objects.

• For the surf, Indonesia is good for practicing this sport throughout the whole year. However, if there’s a best time it should be between May and October, when the winds blow stronger on the southeast offshore and the waves are bigger and more consistent.

• If you plan to travel during the celebration of Ramadan, between August and September, it is important to plan well your visiting time. Like any holiday, working hours in several establishments may be affected. It is also advisable to know a little about the meaning of the holiday and how to behave during it.

• Although the rainy season has a bad reputation, it may have some benefits. High temperatures in the southeastern region of Asia, which can be overwhelming, are reduced due to rain, which means the numbrer of visitors is low, and so is the demand (and price) of hosting as well.

• You don’t need to dominate the Indonesian language to get around the country, but it is worth learning a few words that may be useful to improve communication with the local people. Some of these phrases are selamat pagi (good morning), tolong (please) and termina kasih (thanks).





• Without a doubt, one of Indonesia’s major attractions is the beauty of volcanoes. And although many of them are active, they represent an opportunity to see up close one of the most impressive spectacles of nature. Among these mountains fire are the Gunung Bromo, Gunung Krakatau, and Kelimutu Kawah Ijen.

• For the adventurers who love sur, Indonesia offers the possibility of incredible waves through its many beaches. The epicenter of surfing in the country is located in Bali, specifically in the Kuta beach and the Bukit Peninsula. Other sites where you can practice the sport are Nusa Tenggara, Java and Sumatra.

• The Spas in Indonesia are known for offering high quality services, more specifically in regards of massages. Personal care treatments that are offered in a spa in this region are characterized by being made within environments such as beaches and beautiful gardens, or even elegant and luxurious venues.

• As in any beach resort, Indonesia offers diving services, especially in Bali. One of the most important diving sites is Nusa Penida, and there’s also the best preserved coral reef in Pulau Menjangan.

• The culture lovers can revel in the artistic heart of Bali: Ubud. On this site, you can find galleries where the artists, whether reknowned or not, exhibit their works. It is also possible to witness performances that flaunt the rich culture of this beautiful island.



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Text: Amura ± Photo: Embajada de Indonesia