The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was chosen by the jury of the European Museum Forum (WEF) in Glasgow, as the "European Museum of the Year", due to its restoration undertaken by Spanish architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz. The museum has the best collection of works by Rembrandt and Vermeer, two of the pillars of the Golden Age of Dutch painting.

According to the jury, "the restoration of the building, including original paintings and decorations on the walls, the elegance with which has returned to hang his famous paintings (including The Night Watch) and how they are integrated into the set the pavilion dedicated to Asian art and medieval gallery, highlight the category of the collection itself. "

The award is given annually to distinguish the opening of a new museum or remodeling, as in the case of the institution of the Dutch capital. Notably, the Rijksmuseum was chosen from 42 nominees European museums.