Mauritius’s coastline possess the most beautiful beaches, concentrated specifically in Ille aux Cerfs. It’s waters holds a captivating blue of white soft sands, this constituted a natural paradise for all the senses. By the way, it is one of the most romantic places on Earth. 

This destination has very few hotels, you can make a reservation in other parts of Mauritius and make your way by yachts or sailboat early in the day to really enjoy the most beautiful beach in the country; aquatic activities and eco touristic exertions have a wide range of options; from golf, to windsurf, tennis, snorkel and fishing. We recommend your stay be at Le Touessrok hotel, the service is excellent and it has all the commodities imaginable.

The name of this island is mainly due to the fact that it used to be filled with deer, currently there are very few of these species in all Mauritius. If you are an animal lover you may see other zoological likes at Ille aux Cerfs, for example the hibiscus flower and birds of impressive feathers everywhere.

Without a doubt a getaway to this corner of the World is definitely worthwhile, especially if the getaway is romantic.