Human Heritage site, oniric paradise and one of the Seven Natural Marvels on Earth, all this is Halong. Sailing here is a mystical pleasure. Extremely unique.

A legend exists of how the Gods send a dragon to defend this sacred site from the Chinese conquerors, who always coveted the territory. It is said that the dragons had jewels and jade in their mouths, which is one of the reasons of why colours of the water here are so beautiful.  

Thousands of small island form Halong, where only very few have names, some of these legendary jewels are a small piece of earth filled with vegetation and beauty. It’s ecosystem is incomparable, despite there being a great plethora of tourism which is very well developed, the place still conserves it0s beautiful seal or scarcity and virginity.

It’s grouts are filled of stalactites in capricious forms, all of innumerable species. It’s dream like views, where the mist is so dense, you are able to lose yourself in a peaceful retirement; it’s tranquility is tangible in this destination. These elements convert it into a unique place, which at least once in your life, must be experienced.