A panther with a perpetual print

From the conception of its first panther spot motif on a watch in 1914, Cartier has maintained a constant presence throughout the years. In each design, the firm evokes instantly a unique design: figurative, graphic, playful, sweet, savage, luxurious, ferocious, or kinetic, which multiplies the surprises. 

That is how this 2014, faithful to its aura of audacity and sophistication in jewelry, the Cartier panther outstands again by its extraordinary and modern presence, through a collection of 56 pieces, where jewels of a great savoir faire, that extract its creative vitality off the energy of the totemic beast of the firm, turn this feline into the absolute hero. 

The white gold bracelet with onyx, emeralds, and diamonds, presents a flexible silhouette that rolls on itself as a naughty acrobat which presence brings out the tenderness due to its playful paws.  A panther that takes advantage of its seduction, yielding and having fun around a polished citrine, a precious aerialist whose formal lightness seems to pose without guilt.



Texto: © Cartier ± Foto: Vincent Wulverick © Cartier 2014