Another Brazillian Arrives

Based in the platform of the successful commercial model Embraer 190, the Lineage 1000 arrives from Sao Paulo, a commercial plane of a large size, with more than 115 cubic meters of interior space, superior to that offers by other aircrafts of its same category.

Carrying eight passengers, the plane may travel calmly from Mexico to Aspen (Colorado), Cochabamba (Colombia), Vancouver (Canada) and even to the Island of Pascua, in a comfortable flight in a relaxing plan or as if you were in an office at 41 thousand feet of height.

“The Lineage 1000 is a first class product, with top characteristics of commodity and performance. This is another demonstration of the long term vision and the will of Embraer to serve our clients with a line of products that cover all the market,” Mauricio Botelho, president and CEO of Embraer declared.



The Lineage 1000, presented as an “ultra big” comercial plane, has a great size cabin, with a luxurious interior divided in five areas, in which up to 19 passengers will enjoy a variety of ambiances to enjoy oneself, dine, celebrate a conference or relax, even with a VIP area with all the attractive details of a hotel’s suite.

“The Lineage 1000 is in a suitable class”, Luis Carlos Affonso, superior vice-president of the executive jets of Embraer said. “It offers a great space, first class comfort, furniture and refined equipment and amenities; it will offer the latest in commodity, performance and operative economy in trips”.

The generous luggage compartment of the plane is complimented by a baggage area that you can have access during the flight. The distinctive luxury of the model in question, combined with a first class engineering that the technology of the flight Fly-by-wire has, will offer a travel experience of a top quality.  



Under all this luxury there is a solid and proved platform of aircraft based in the famous Embraer 190, from which the Lineage 1000 inherits the expert design for a top performance and utilization level, with low operative costs.


Various interiors

For the most demanding travelers, the model counts with various interiors, all of them realized with leathers and top quality fabrics, for which it is offered in two different distributions: Premium and Standard.

In the Zone 1 of the Premium model there are executive armchairs with a deployable table and a bar; two executive armchairs with deployable table; a living area and office, large couch and working table with a LCD screen of 32 inches closet and working table. Another Premium area is a third bathroom, with all its accessories.

The Standard model has in the Zone 1 executive armchairs with a deployable table; a pair of executive armchairs with a deployable table; a couch and working table with a LCD screen of 32 inches; another zone with a table for conferences and executive armchairs as well as its table for conferences convertible in a center table, and five couches.

Both models count with a resting area for the crew, for long flights.

The crew counts with the Fly-by-wire technology and the avionics suite of Honeywell Primus Epic, which provide a docile and soft management, for a comfortable trip.

The efficient motors are GE CF 34-10E7, reliable and easy to maintain, being realized with a modular design for an easy substitution of the pieces and components, developing a speed of 0.82 Mach. As all the Embraer aircrafts, the Lineage 1000 counts with the latest in technology, engineering and high reliability, for trips that adapt to your needs –even the most unforeseen.  




Technical Data


94.2 ft


34.7 ft


118.9 ft


Wide 8 ft 10

Height 6 ft 6 in


GE CF 34 - 10E7, con 20,000

Pounds of drive

Range (ISA, MTOW, 8passengers, NBAA)

4,200 mn

Maximum speed

0.82 Mach

Aprooved roof

41 thousand feet

Runway length at takeoff (MTOWW / ISA)

6,660 ft

Possibility of auxiliary fuel tank

Cabin capacity

Lineaje 1000

4,085 sq ft


848 sq ft

Vs. BBJ 1

807 sq ft

Vs. Airbus A318 Elite

754 sq ft


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Cortesía de Embraer