With a focus on technological progress

A great number scientists work in environments exposed to strong magnetic forces and therefore need a watch that as well as being resistant to such forces, is also accurate and reliable. This is the raison d’être of the Oyster Perpetual Milgauss: Mil like ‘thousand’ and gauss as the unit of measurement of a magnetic field. Rolex has created the new generation of this wristwatch that was born in hte 1950s with a focus on technological progress.

The movement and hte magnetic dial contribute to its exceptional operation when subjected to intense magnetic fields. The mechanism benefits from various innovations that reinforce its resistance to magnetic interference: it is equipped with a PARACHROM spring created and manufactured by Rolex and the escape is fitted with a flywheel made from a new paramagnetic material.



The 18-carat white gold case has a bezel inset with black baguette-size sapphires and diamonds inset into the center of the lugs. The strap combines ray skin (galuchat) and rubber in a constellation of diamonds fitted with a folding clasp, black and shiny stones adorn the hands and diamonds decorate the dial.

The Milgauss is automatic with a perpetual rotor, certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control (OSCC), waterproof to 100 meters and is available in steel.   


Text: Rafael Luna Grajeda ± Photo: Cortesía de Rolex.