Light jets have come to revolutionize the world of aviation, but now the differencebetween the various brands is the size and comfort of the interiors. And this is what can be enjoyed in the Beechcraft Premier IA, a light jet with the interior of a medium sized aircraft.

Owning a Premier IA is the same as not lacking the limitations and restrictions caused by commercial airlines by traveling comfortably and saving time in its silent and spacious cabin.

Flying times and destination locations will never be an inconvenience, flying at a maximum speed of more than Mach 0.8 with a maximum range of more than 1,430 km.


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From the original design, the Premier IA was conceived to be a single pilot aircraft. To achieve this goal, it has a cabin packed full of the latest technology, integrated Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 avionics, which includes three LCD screens with a system that provides critical flight and engine performance information, as well as increasing the pilot's understanding and reducing his workload.

The aircraft includes the new Collin's Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS). which offers Jeppesen electronic information, airport diagrams, procedures. XM satellite weather reports, graphic over prints of universal maps to detect the position of the aircraft within geopolitical frontiers and restricted and controlled airspace, all of which gives added value to the aircraft.

The IFIS allows the pilot to benefit from a variety of climatological information to receive information in real time, links to weather images and air traffic control services, as well as wind and other information through an easy to use graphic interface system designed to reduce complexity and improve efficiency for a safer flight.


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Composite Fuselage

Deliveries of the Premier IA to clients began September last year, with a model that is characterized by its advanced composition fuselage, which does not have the ribs or largueros that are required by aluminum structures. This not only saves a lot of weight and space, it also allows the creation of the spacious, silent and comfortable interior with characteristics such as indirect lighting, renewed and reclining swivel seats, a private bathroom and the availability of a variety of audio and video entertainment systems.

’Client feedback is an important component of our product improvement strategy", commented Randy Groomer. CEO and General Manager of Beechcraft. "We constantly listen to the needs of our clients and incorporate their ideas in order to make even better products. With more than 125 Premier I model flying all around the world, the new Premier IA is a perfect example of the evolution of a revolutionary aircraft' The Premier IA offers the same performance, cabin size and immunities as its predecessor, but with more stylized and luxurious interiors with more options for new owners.

Its cabin design is based on the Hawker 800XP cabin, but with an outline that increases passenger headroom, with LED adjustable lighting and movable reading lights.

The cabin seats have been completely redesigned by adding headrests and lower cushions for greater comfort as well as a new seat base that provides more legroom for the fifth and sixth seats. Other improvements included an individual work table, better temperature controls and a folding table with 110 volt connections and an optional installation for the Satcom telephone.


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More Benefits

The Premier IA combines various systems and has an improved design in a functional and improvement package that includes:

■ Standard fiveyear guarantee.

■ Lift Dump on Demand control for better landing performance.

■ Improved hydraulic brakes and antiskid system for a better feeling and feedback at all braking levels.

■ Acoustical liner soundproofing that creates the quietest cabin in its class.

■ Low reference speed on landing approach.

The advanced composition manufacturing methods combined with brushed metal wings allow greater cruising speeds, better altitude performance, superior handling and a larger cabin size.

The cabin is 20 cm higher and 20 cm wider than any other business jets in its class, which offers a larger feeling when on board, as well as being manufactured with fewer components than its competitors for greater ease of maintenance and reliability. It is like having an executive office and 41.000 feet.


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Technical Data
46 ft
15 ft 4 in
44 ft 6 in
1 + 6 / 7 passengers
13 ft 6 in
5 ft 5 in
5 ft 6 in
Cockpit volume
85 ft3
Passenger cabin volume
315 ft3
(including bathroom/luggage area)
Total volume
400 ft3
External nose
10 ft3 / 150 lb
Passenger Cabin
(including lav & baggage)
3.0 ft3 / 60 lb
External Tailcone
44 ft3 / 400 lb
Total capacity
76.9 ft3 / 750 lb
2 Williams International FJ44-2A
Maximum speed
451 kt/519 m/h
Cruising speed
683 km/h
1,570 lb
Max Ramp
12,590 lb
Max Takeoff
12,500 lb
Max Landing
11,600 lb
Max Zero Fuel
10,000 lb
Equipped Basic Operating
8,430 lb
41,000 ft



Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Premier IA