The Ocean’s Drops of Time

What woman doesn't feel identified with pearls? Not only because of their perfection and beauty, but for the excitement that they provoke to those who proudly wear them.

Pearls are the reflection of a woman, of her dedication, her tenderness, her beauty and a fascinating demonstration of the magical union of sea and time. Pearls are a symbol of femininity, strength, personality and a gentle expression of what it means to be a woman.

The Chronos Peyrelongue firm identifies perfection, as the essential feature of their pearls when they are proudly worn by a lady.  They invite us to visit their extensive and exclusive range of beautiful pieces, born in different parts of the world. Their South Sea Pearl Collection stands out; it is comprised of pieces from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines, regions where natural creations are the most appreciated and valued because of their beauty, rarity and durability.



The pearl industry is a fascinating world. On their own merit, each piece earns the Gem title, Unique, Exquisite and Extraordinary. Chronos Peyrelongue reminds us that a pearl's value is established based on several factors: mainly its size, which typically ranges between 9 and 18 mm and in extraordinary cases they can reach over 40 cm.

The shape, or design, is another variable that increases a pearl appeal and value. The most appreciated pearls are spherical, followed by the baroques, pears and buttons.  We cannot forget the "luster"; that characteristic brightness in the skin of the pearl, and its purity. The cleaner and less imperfections they present, they will be best appraised. And finally we must consider their color, being the most valuable white, off-white and deep yellow or golden.

The most beautiful pearls, magical ocean  drops of time, reach a maximum level of excellence in Peyrelongue Chronos. Their selection and "expertise" fully justify a visit to their beautiful showroom.


Text: Luis Peyrelongue ± Photo: ©Peyrelongue Chronos