Watches and the sea have a connection that seems magical but that, in reality, has been on a long journey of strong ties and historic anecdotes. In this relationship between watches and the sea there is also something that connects them, and that is called tradition, as well as all the new things that come along.

Man’s great desire to be special is the engine behind creations that, with time, become traditions. And certain symbols become representative of this bequest. That is why, from generation to generation, we hold onto what we consider good and hold in high esteem.

There are vessels that remain in the same family for generations, like that captain’s cap, the one that shows signs of wear, that belonged to one of the grandfathers and now belongs to one of the sons— and the moment will come when it will belong to someone who is a child now but already wants to wear it — because these are families that have inherited the love of sailing. There is no doubt that, in addition to boats, watches are one of the finest objects to represent this journey through history.

Among the best gifts for Father’s Day are first, lots of love, and then, watches. Furthermore, the celebration of this date is a great day for sailing, the perfect excuse to begin a tradition that will last for many years.




Ulysse Nardin

Maxi Marine Chronograph

With its tradition as a manufacturer of marine watches, this company, without losing its sense of style, has now given in to the fashion trend of large watches.

As an expected complement to its classic marine line, this chronograph, 41 millimeters (1.6 in) in diameter, can be used under extreme conditions, as evidenced by its buttons and the crown screw, which gives it an underwater resistance of up to 200 meters (656 ft).

Through its glass case you can see the rotation of the automatic caliber rotor with 42 hours of reserve operation, that comes in a steel box, numbered and with a wristband available in rubber or steel. There is another presentation as well, in pink gold with a crocodile band.



Aquatimer Chrono Automatic

In titanium and steel, this beautiful timepiece is a new addition to the rewards and professionalism of the Aquatimer family. Its unique feature is that the revolving ring is controlled from the crown.



TimeWalker GMT Automatic

The ideal companion for traveling. Made of steel, with its GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function, this member of the collection can follow time in two zones. 



Daniel Roth

Vantage Premier

Its intense blue is the ideal frame for the piece’s unique hour scale that, using a special mechanism, covers the route from six in the morning to six in the afternoon.



Ergon Chrono

Now, equipped with a chronograph, the company has decided to give a distinguished touch to its charismatic model: a limited edition of 75, with a brown face, placed inside a pink gold box.


Louis Vuitton

Tambour Diving

To batten down the hatches with class, there is nothing better than a sports watch that combines the distinctive designs of Vuitton with a rotating bevel for scuba diving buffs.  



Text: Tonatiuh ± Photo: AMURA. your social media marketing partner