Signature of the Sea

Caran d’Ache, the Maison de Haute Ecriture, has paid homage to the nautical world and to its first 1947 mechanical pencil, as well: the new Ecridor Yacht Club, Soul of the Sea; an object dedicated for vessels and aquatic sports lovers.

 With a hexagonal body, the craftsmen created an emblematic piece in which the International Code of Signals is appreciated; techniques that flaunted their talent, and high precision engravings, were used in order to accomplish it.

 Reminiscences of a traditional design complete the modern wind blowing over the sails of this unique piece of writing, produced in the house’s shops, in Geneva. Ecridor Yacht Club is an example of the great work that has been accomplished with all of the Ecridor collection, having four writing instruments: a fountain pen, a roller pen, a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil.



 Presented in a luxurious case, the fountain pen and the roller pen have click-in caps; while the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil have push buttons and flexible clips. Its high precision mechanical pencil guarantees an exceptional comfort, and its ballpoint pen uses the famous Goliath cartridge, having a capacity to write up to 600 continuous sheets of paper (A4), leak-free, tantamount to being able to write one 8 km long line. The palladium coating gives the set a distinguished white-silvery color and makes it corrosion resistant; being a perfect complement for the delicate guilloché engraving.

On one of the 6 sides, the name Caran d’Ache is appreciated, engraved in 10 letters of the International Code of Signals. As an emotive symbol and as a faithful companion, the Ecridor Yatch Club hoists the sails and is readying itself for new challenges.


Text: Caran d’Ache ± Photo: Grupo Mondi