Under the 20th anniversary of Eurostar, the company has surprised with his latest contribution to land mobility and an alternative option to air transport, more comfort, space and efficiency, as well as being ultra fast.

This is the new e320 trains, which combine elegance and modernity with a design by the Italian house Pininfarina –famous for their iconic cars–, which emphasizes comfort and style when traveling.

With a capacity to carry up to 900 passengers, on average, e320 reach a speed of 320 km / h, offering total security to its passengers; plus ample space per seat, as well as sockets and USB and wi-fi. It is expected that by the end of 2015, 17 of these new trains are integrated into the Eurostar fleet, which began its journey in 1994 with 28 trains that reach 300 km / h and a capacity for 750 passengers.

In the 20 years of operating the line between London and the European continent via the Channel via the Channel Tunnel, it has transported over 150 million passengers.