Let’s imagine an elite world where the Swiss Haute Horlogerie resides, a vision where brands that create an immediate impact exist, a place where the know-it alls remain silent. It’s in this moment, where we meet CVSTOS.

Antonio Terranova (Design Director) and Sassoun Sirmakes (Marketing Director), are the masterminds behind the most brilliant horological proposal. Created in 2005, this house has elevated the gambling game of design; not only is it a pioneer in its trait, but it also creates a paradox when it comes to the creation of demand in the market. If we look up close it’s proposal, we find a powerful holistic history, a modern creation and a passion the produces unique pieces.

These are the three most thrilling projects to experience time and life through CVSTOS:

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Challenge Gustave Eiffel

This project was in charge by the grandson of the creator of the Eiffel Tower, one of the most vertiginous projects when relying on design. On the dial you can see the perspective of the Eiffel Tower if standing below it. The design was in charge of the talented Antonio Terranova, whose aesthetic vision made this piece possible. Inspired by the famous Saint Andrew's Cross, -which represents the beauty of mathematics- the team allowed history and design to take them by the hand, as well as the principles in the motives of Eiffel. Thanks to its sapphire crystal , everything is magnified by the transparency of the bimetallic skeleton. The indicator is carved from a block of a series of processes that are estate of the art.

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Challenge New Sea-Liner

The ocean and time have a meeting point. Evoking the most wild seas and indomable waves we find this version of the Challenge New Sea-Liner. Initially created in 2007, this line was achieved thanks to alliance between the brand and an Italian shipyard. Antonio has explained to us that from the beginning, the main purpose was to create 20 platinum tourbillons; Terranova also explains that one of the principal characteristics of this piece having such a great success is that it’s dial is opened; the original Sea-Liner was inspired in a megayacht, this fact contributed to the design being completely transparent -a space where the mechanism can be seen from every angle-. “ We played with colors and enamels in all possible materials, an example of this is the use of Alcantara on the strap, this makes it water resistant. It’s a very studied proposal for those who have a nautic lifestyle.”

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Challenge Jet-Liner Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms makes a calling to all of us. From Russia to Morocco vía Germany, the Jet-Liner launches us into a voyage that inspires history and transcendence. It’s important to mention that it’s hour-minute-second movement has been completely skeletonized in order to make this implement a reality. Let’s explore a path that will surprise us with it’s finesse toward the homage to the history of these nations.