In 2017, the fastest private jet by Cobalt, called C050 Valkyrie -able to fly at 260 knots-, will be available for those who reserve in the United States, as well the Valkyrie -X model, from the same company.

The deposit to reserve this certificate jet is about 15,000 euros, and the total average around 65,000 euros for the C050 and 560,000 euros for Valkyrie -X. David Loury, director of Cobalt , said that this is an opportunity specially designed for lovers of travel, aviation and people who prefer a high quality service when they are flying.

With a rear engine, the C50 Valkyrie cabin is a free place for relaxation, whit leather seats hand made by artisans of Hermès. This jet has been designed to transport a lot of luggage, including sports equipment like golf, skiing, musical instruments, among others. For the Valkyrie – X, it's a plane to test by aviation enthusiasts who want to experience aboard an energetic and young personality model.