The 2016 Geneva International Motor Show will see the world debut of the Jaguar F- TYPE SVR in March and those interested in acquiring it could do so in the days of summer. This is the first Jaguar "SVR ", which has been fully carried out by the Special Vehicle Operations division (SVO) by Jaguar Land Rover Group.

This two-seater aluminum car can exceed the 320 km/h and is been established that it is a sport car for the every day that is lighter, faster and powerful, while it´s maintaining a perfect performance and total comfort for the owner.

"The new Jaguar F- TYPE SVR is the first model of the brand series developed by SVO (Special Vehicle Operations), and it benefits from our experience, our knowledge and cutting-edge precision engineering , performance and design. The result of this is a car than can go at 320 km/h (200 mph), a super-sporty all-weather than you can drive every day ", says John Edwards, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations.