Aiming to offer customers the most demanding service standards, including even the smallest details, as of October 1, 2017, the giants of the motorsports industry launched their Customer First campaign as a way to transform the Jaguar and Land Rover experience into a more accessible luxury.

In addition, from December 1, their customers will no longer have to worry about maintenance costs during the first five years of car longevity, supplying them with original parts and items at any of the official dealers of the Jaguar Land Rover network—a benefit that will continue to be associated with the vehicle during this period, so it will continue to be available in case the car is resold, which increases its residual value.

Jaguar Land Rover is the largest automaker in the United Kingdom. It has two brands: Jaguar, with 80 years of history, and a new range of sports vehicles, sedans and SUVs, and Land Rover, which has been a world reference in all-terrain vehicles since 1948. Controlled by Indian group Tata Motors, the company has around 40,000 employees worldwide and products in more than 170 countries.