Both brands reflect the Italian design codes in each piece.

Panerai and Prada have joined forces to create a collection of watch straps: Luminor Due Prada Re-Nylon, a perfect match for Panerai's Luminor Due family.

According to Panerai CEO Jean-Marc Puntroué, this partnership "embodies a shared vision of combining design, heritage and innovation".

The executive continued, "Both brands have deep roots in traditional savoir-faire and a commitment to contemporary aesthetics. With Panerai's history in high-precision watches and Prada's legacy as a luxury purveyor, a strategy of both visions is offered."

The new bracelets are available in different colors: for a 42 mm case (grey and navy blue) and for the 38 mm (alabaster pink) of the Luminor Due line, defined as the most modern of the brand all with the Panerai and Prada logos.

"The design of the Luminor Due is emblematic of Italian urban sophistication: slim, light and elegant," concludes Pontroué.