The opening ceremony was attended by a number of celebrities.

The Jacob & Co. Hong Kong SAR boutique was opened in partnership with leading retailer Cortina Watch in the famous The Peninsula Arcade, one of Hong Kong's premier luxury shopping destinations. The new store will be a focal point for local customers who love fine watches and jewelry.

Jacob Arabo, Founder, President and Creative Director of Jacob & Co. said, "Our collaboration with Cortina Watch marks a pivotal moment for Jacob & Co. and is a testament to the shared values of craftsmanship and innovation".

In Arabo's words, the new boutique in the heart of Hong Kong symbolizes the brand's commitment to delivering an experience "where tradition meets cutting-edge design. Together with Cortina Watch, we are embarking on a journey to redefine the standards of excellence in the world of watchmaking".

The opening of the Jacob & Co. Hong Kong SAR boutique is another step in a series of Asian openings for the brand. On January 21, Jacob & Co. opened its first store in Seoul, South Korea, and on January 23, its first boutique in Vietnam, in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

These stores are strategically located in prime real estate areas and illustrate Jacob & Co.'s growth in serving Asia's fine watchmaking connoisseurs.