A few weeks ago, several of us friends were invited by Alfredo Chedraui to carry out a diving expedition to the island of Nassau, in the Bahamas, with the aim of diving with the sharks that live in those waters, most of them are of the species known as reef gray.

This is how at the end of May 2024, we were 9 friends adjusting our diving equipment to make our first dive in the seas of the Bahamas, which took place in a boat, which due to its size, I imagine was a freighter.


Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts, A sunken ship was the scene of our first dive. A sunken ship was the scene of our first dive.


On deck was still her big winch, a tank, I imagine for oil, inside a ladder, tube sponges and gorgonians hung on her hull. The thick ropes that hold the anchor helped us take some photographs.


Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts, The little cat shark. The little cat shark.


The next dive we did in a very beautiful reef where its biggest attraction was a small cat shark that as soon as it heard the bubbles came very friendly to receive the caresses that Alex gave it. In this same place we saw our first sharks.

The next day they took us to a place where they attract sharks with some bait, we all dived happily and the sharks attended the appointment on time. There were several of them and they were not afraid of us, attracted by the food, they passed us very close and everywhere. It was a very nice experience.

The next dive was also carried out in another wreck, this one showing greater deterioration, but we enjoyed it. Although diving in sunken ships is very interesting, we wanted more adrenaline. I don't know how Alex convinced the guides to take us diving with the sharks at night.


Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts, Diving among sharks, a unique experience. Diving among sharks, a unique experience.


With some nervousness we broke the water mirror and dived to a depth of 15 meters, only illuminated by our flashlights. As soon as the guide arrived covered by a steel mesh, the show began. The sharks appeared out of nowhere, raising sand from the bottom with their powerful tail and making our vision not so clear, despite that detail it was an incredible dive and a lot of learning, as we found that day or night the sharks are not in the seas to bind us as has been believed for so many years.

After this experience I renew my commitment to try to save them using all my possible means.

You readers can help us conserve them, Donate to the Saving Our Sharks association.



Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts, Night diving in a shark area was a great learning experience. Night diving in a shark area was a great learning experience.


Photos: Alberto Friscione Carrascosa