To cross the oceans on board of a floating castle is to move in a fantastic environment surrounded by the luxury to travel to the most remote places of the planet. This is the life in a cruise ship and it is an idyllic world beyond the daily life and only focused in the pleasure. In this sybaritic universe everything seems as perfect as the natural scenarios that surround it. Perhaps, this is why among the most important names of the haute-couture there are special collections made to wear during these crossings as if these were a special category of the fashion. This is how the cruise ship editions that we present here show it, from Carolina Herrera or Chanel this last one had a recent launch of the French firm that will be on sale in its boutiques until the next November.


At Deck

The exact measurement between elegance and comfort is the perfect way to dress when you take some vacations in such a glamorous surroundings that could easily be qualified as hipper-reality. Vivid colors applied in sophisticated attires are the formula to achieve the appearance in accordance to the mood de prevailing on deck.


Meeting in the Pool

To lie down besides the pool to be caressed by the sunshine rays, not only pursues to obtain a perfect tan, it is also an excuse to mingle with the other travelers. This imposes the need to count with the perfect bathing suit and dress it with unique accessories as jewelry, the most exuberant sun glasses, hats and large linens of printed silks that are great to wrap them around the body.


Casino Nights

During a cruise ship crossing the most intense emotions and the most spectacular attires, are reserved for the night. Between the bets and the shows of the casino all the tinsel, from which the fashion could lay a hand on, it is valid because it fits perfectly with situations worth of being part of a James Bond novel.







Text: Martha Jauffred ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas.