The Glitter of a Unique Piece

Since ancient times, human beings have decorated and complemented their clothing, depending on the occasion, with the precious materials at their reach. In former times, “decorations“ or jewelry with particular features determined the importance of those wearing it That's how jewelry has become, according to its price, complexity and beauty, an example of status that still continues in our days.

Nowadays, wearing a piece of Haute Jewelry is equivalent to exhibiting a true work of art. A piece can be considered a masterpiece when its design, material quality, cut, assembly, and finish, preserve a permanent value. Such pieces are designed to be unique or duplicated with a variation, but they are never identical. They have to be spectacular and wonderful objects that provoke desire and capable of shinning on their own.


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Amura Yachts & Lifestyle plays homage to the most important Haute Jewelry, to the Grand Jewels in the shape of a brooch, necklace, pendant or earring, which the most important firms and avant-garde designers have made art and design through the time.


Dazzling Objects that Become Masterpieces

Haute Jewelry is not like Haute Couture which changes each seasoa Since we are talking about objects produced with the most refined metals, top guality diamonds, perfectly formed pearls or exquisite gems and precious stones, its main aim is to endure.

Generally, the seductive and charming Haute Jewelry collections are released each year by the most prestigious firms, like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., H. Stem, Peyrelongue, Chopard, Fr. Hueb, Bvlgari, Carrera y Carrera, Pasquale Bruni, Damiani or Berger, and so on. becoming cult objects.



Charming Collections Made with the Most Precious Materials

Grand Jewels require opulent materials to endorse the visual richness of their owners: sapphires, dia- monds, rubies, emeralds or pearls, along with other valuable and rare materials.

Ari Berger Alazraki, director of Berger Joyeros, considers that the value of a Grand Jewel is based upon each clients demand; depending especially on the estimation with which a piece was acquired, as well as the handmade work and the time of its manufacturing.

Luis Peyrelongue, director of the prestigious Joyería Peyrelongue, agrees with the former opinion, and says that the real value of these jewels consists in the quality of materials that compose them, as well as the labor force. Furthermore, Peyrelongue says that whenever his company produces Haute Jewelry, they make something versatile and easy to wear.




A Delicate Process with 

When designing Haute Jewelry, each step requires full experience and dedication, as well as the good handle of precious materials, such as gold, in its different forms, and platinum.

The process begins with a sketch on paper. The next step comes when the piece is finished and has already volume in the selected metal, and the jeweller makes a first polishing, in order to give it the correct appearance, better finish and shine. Later, precious stones are selected, each is evaluated, and then ranked according to its quality, shape and dimension. Placing a stone requires a lot of care, and it is important to make it manually. As a last touch, the piece is polished again and then it is ready to shine.




The Savoir-Faire Kingdom of Jewelry

A surprising fact is that nowadays important fashion brands are also getting attention in the Haute Jewelry area, becoming part of this road towards luxury .

 Chanel with Éléments Célestes, its Privée line, brings us the exclusive Haute Jewelry collection that the house launches once a year. Louis Vuitton with  Emprise, its first Haute Jewelry collection, and so confirms the importance of his name, 150 successful years within the fashion world, finding its place in the Savoir-Faire Kingdom of Jewelry.



Amazing Trends in 

If following a direction in Haute Jewelry is complicated, as Mónica Benítez, Manager of The Fashion Information Center in Mexico, says, trends are ruled by opinion leaders or by great events such as The Academy Awards, where recognized jewelers have found excellent opportunities for showing their pieces.

The most important exhibition fair and trend guide is Basel, in Switzerland. However, Benitez says that Grand Jewelry design is ruled by the inspiration, intuition, and feeling of designers, who work with a full softness and precision when creating each jewel.  



Magnificence that Remains

Should we consider that purchasing a Grand Jewel implies luxury and investment? Ari Berger thinks so. He says that it is an investment because there are pieces that never lose their value and luxury, since it’s a whole life gift.

Rubén Matiella, director of R.Matiella Joyeros, asserts that Grand Jewels are constant and never out, besides they have spirit and vast richness.

Luis Peyrelongue, on the other hand, says that it isn’t exactly an investment because it doesn’t mean gaining interests as in a bank; if there are rewards they can be really found in the pleasure of wearing a unique piece of Haute Jewelry.     



Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas