What does fashion sound like? what would the band of our favorite fashion houses be?  Burberry has had the great idea of sharing it’s musical tune with all of us; exclusive videos and journeys through the world of art will be possible thanks to their own channel in Apple Music. Thank you Burbuerry, for being a pioneer! 

This isn’t a mere channel, the purpose of this strategy is to give a cultural vision of the brand, as well as the support toward British emerging talents, making collaborations with consolidated artists –as the firm has been doing throughout it’s history- and sharing that with those who are in contact with the Brit house around the world. This is an open invitation to show us their vision.  

The lovers of the statement trenchcoat creator house will be able to enjoy it’s exclusive content in this channel; some of the musical collaborations include Keane, James Bay, George Ezdra or Tom Odell, you will also expect  material from Lilla Vargen, Georgie and Rodas.

¿Is there any other way we might dress with fashion despite the shoes, clothes, fragrances or accessories? Yes, fashion can too be carried, it can be heard, felt and seen.

Last September 21st, the channel transmitted a live concert of Alison Moyet in London, we mention this so you can get a grasp of the quality and vision of it’s contents. 

Will there be other brands following on Burbuerry’s footsteps? We have our fingers crossed!