Bottega Veneta has surged as one of the most important brands in fashion and luxury all over the world, continuing with the quality standards that have characterized it since it was founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy. The company is celebrated for its pieces in leather and craftwork, and now it presents The Art of Collaboration Spring Summer 2017 campaign, and it involves renowned photographer Todd Hido, whose style and technique to capture light and aesthetics blends with the essence of Bottega Veneta.

The campaign, which marks the 50th anniversary of Bottega Veneta and 15 years of Tomas Maier as creative director, stars actress Lauren Hutton and models like Joan Smalls, Vittoria Ceretti, Hannes Gobeyn and Morten Nielsen, and it was shot at the Modulightor Building, also known as the "House of Light” in New York.