Acollaboration between two brands that respect the value of the tradition involved in their creative process. Both are world renowned for their rich flavors and seductive aromas, setting the standard for the most demanding palate.

The true connoisseur establishes a relation with these objects, dedicating them the time and pleasure to discover all the secrets that are revealed through their different qualities. The cognac and the cigar develop an exquisite and refined union for the palate, both with flavors that reflect their roots and aging. It was only a matter of time for two of the best brands, Cohiba and Martell, came together to offer their followers something exclusive and special.


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The history behind the brands has defined their elaborative process today, patient and skillfully crafted, envied for their secrets and methods that will keep captivating the true connoisseur. Cohiba cigars are Cuba's treasure, known as "the islands jewel”; these singular cigars were adopted by Fidel Castro in 1963. In 1715 Jean Martell founded what would be known as the first grand firm of cognac in Grande Champagne, France. Exporting their elixir around the world, their name became famous for its incomparable body and refined aromas. Both products share certain characteristics inside their process, hand-made by artisans dedicated to offer the best possible experience.

Cohiba cigars are created in the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba, where moist soil and a tropical weather make for ideal conditions. Each tobacco plant is supervised over 150 times to guarantee that all the offspring’s satisfy the potential with which they were endowed by nature. After their selection each plant is hand sewn two by two with cotton thread and hung from long wooden pikes in order for them to lose 85% of their humidity. In the end there are several fermentation processes involved to ensure its body and texture, they remain up to 2 years in royal palm barrels until retrieved by the "torcedores”. A Cohiba cigar is made from 5 leaves, just like 5 fingers of a hand, these 5 secrets hold the brand's success.

Martell cognac is elaborated in the Grande Champagne region in France, where the soil is chalky with a heavily stratified limestone rich in sediments.


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There prevails a grape called “Ugni Blanc” that is known for its finesse and balanced acidity. Wine is the prime component of cognac; it is distilled 2 times in an alembic Charentais that extracts the quintessence of the eau-de-vie which is aged in oak barrels. During its aging it captures some of the woods richest notes and acquires that amber tone and seductive aroma. In the end the different eau-de- vies are mixed by a master caterer that ensures that the cognacfs fame remains untosuched.

The Martell Cohiba is exceptional, the result of the creative sauoir-faire of the house of Martell. Its bottle captures the attitude of both brands with presence and delicacy, inviting anyone to be delighted by its flavor. It is 86 proof, possessing an amber color with gold reflections and hints of mahogany, an intense aroma with light notes of berries and dried fruits.-On first instance its body is round, smooth, almost sweetland in the end therms a slight touch of liquorices with notes of nuts.

Give yourself the opportunity to taste the present offered by these brands, dedicated to capture your passion for the richest things in life. Its taste will remain in your memory, accompanied by the robust flavor of a cigar; this experience will be your own present for this holiday season. 




Text: Amura ± Photo: Casa Domecq