Japan’s taste in Brisbane

The director of Sono Restaurant in Brisbane, studied accounting, but found out that this profession posed him with very few challenges and offered him little gratification . Then he bought a restaurant that was failing to succeed in the Queen Street Mall shopping center. He paid $ 380,000 Australian Dlls (400,000 US Dlls, nearly 5 million pesos). William Liu overcame his greatest challenge, his lack of experience; today he manages two locations of the Sono and another in Nagomi, offering a sophisticated Japanese menu.



The Original Sono is considered the best restaurant in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. Given its geographical location, Australia has been a receptacle for the multiple cultures that surround the continent, one of which is Japan. The Sono offers an unparalleled culinary journey to the Japanese cuisine. It’s minimalist decoration, sober, rich, with warm colors, offers a quiet and peaceful haven within the bustle of Brisbane.

The lifestyle and cultural content that the restaurant offers, makes it ideal for a relaxing corporate event, a social dinner for two or a cozy family gathering. Since the beginning of its adventure 15 years ago, Sono Restaurant has been consistent in monitoring the Japanese philosophy of living harmoniously and naturally, supporting this, over the dining experience. All menu items get special care in order to avoid altering the original flavors and textures, using techniques that combine special ingredients giving the palate a traditional feeling that is purely Japanese.

The tranquility and delicacy of this place faithfully recreates the atmosphere of Japan, accentuated by waitresses in kimonos. The evening menu starts with a combination of Shokado, Sashimi, Vegetarian Sushi and Salmon. For the main course: Teriyaki Wagyu Rump; 220 grams of roast beef Kobe style, Miso soup, steamed rice, salad or cooked eggs with seafood, another alternative is the Salmon Teriyaki, based on an equally generous portion of salmon and the same choices previously mentioned to accompany your main course. 





The menu continues, with delights such as the combined Chirashi, Tempura and Tonkatsu. The variety of rice includes Katsujyu, Yakinikujyu and Unajyu, all elegantly presented Miso soup Is served as a supplement. One of the most representative side dishes is the Kani Cream Croquette; fried croquettes made ​​with cream and crab meat. Not to be missed of course, is the sushi bar, it is the most rewarding and epicurean way to enjoy these delights at any time of day.

For dinner, Sono’s culinary expertise offers everything, from salads, dishes with vinegar (Sunomono), soups, “side orders” (Kobachi), steamed (Mushimono) and Grilled (Yakimono), to full dinners, as the Zen and the Sakura or combined orders of Sashimi and Sushi. Do not miss the delicious avocado, salmon, tuna and California rolls. The Menu contains 12 pages, enough to satisfy the largest appetite and the most demanding taste. This is what the Sono is, a relaxing tour of the authentic Japanese cuisine.






Sono Japanese Restaurant

Edwards Street

Brisbane, Quensland 4000, Australia

Tel. (07) 3220-1888


Text: AMURA ± Photo: SONO Restaurant