A Bastion of the Italianity in the Asiatic Continent

Chef Umberto Bombana is the ambassador of Italian gastronomy in the Asian region. His restaurant pays homage to Federico Fellini’s 8½; Bombana has entirely become a standard of “Asian Italianity.” Located inside the Landmark Alexandra mall in Hong Kong, this establishment has a main dinning room, with an ambience décor made by Picasso and Dalí, the same as two private dinning rooms, a nice lounge and a bar. It has an outstanding cave worthy of personal inspection, because it offers a wide selection of wines.

Bombana’s dishes present an innovative cut by combining Italian ingredients with products from other regions of the world; being one of them, the tenderloin Tajima. In the presentation of his dishes, the chef’s love of the cuisine, because he blends, in a creative way, his Italian culture with the Asiatic exoticism; every time the diner discovers new details, references and flavors.






8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Shop 202, Landmark Alexandra,

18 Chater Road, Central,

Hong Kong, China.

Tel. +852 2537 8859



Text: AMURA ± Photo: THE DIM / SINGAPORE NINK / KENNETH TIONGETS / 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana