On the occasion of the celebration of the founding in 1715 of Martell; cognac house held a series of initiatives, most notably the appointment of Diane Kruger as brand ambassador. Role under which heads the 'Martell France 300', a project that seeks to identify what was dubbed as the '300 in the crosshairs'; people from all over the world whose contribution matters gastronomic, fashion, cocktails and entertainment, represents what Martell defined as the French Art de Vivre in the XXI century. This project replicates the wishes of Louis XIV who gathered the most renowned artists of the nation and culturally interesting figures in the Court of Versailles.

In addition, four limited editions were presented, which pay tribute to Jean Martell founded the brand. Each mixture stored in oak barrels for 300 years. These special editions are: Premier Voyage Martell, Martell Cordon Bleu "A tribute to the 300th anniversary of Martell" Signature Edition Martell XO and Martell Assembly Tercentenary Exclusive three vintages.